For your listening pleasure this fine autumn morning: Mumford & Sons, Ghosts That We Knew (Album Version)

Mumford & Sons
Ghosts That We Knew

I strongly believe that music has the ability to set & change our mood. As I was walking on my university’s campus this morning, I really could have used this song playing as my personal background music. It puts you in a relaxed, pensive mood & really helps you to appreciate the evolving beauty of autumn. The colors on the trees seem more vivid, & you can suddenly understand the awesomeness of nature & the purpose of the changing seasons. I know that’s a lot to expect from just a simple song, & maybe it’s just the musician & philosopher in me, but wouldn’t you just love for your day to suddenly change gears & to have a new-found warmth in your soul? Seriously, though, what do you have to lose?

Enjoy, my loves.