About A Girl

Hi There!

You can call me Sea.

My birth certificate says “Chelsea,” but after regularly confusing my Starbucks order with 3 girls bearing the same name, I needed a change.

I’m an honest-to-goodness sweetheart with a deep love of life and the mouth of a sailor to throw you off. By day, I’m a PR Manager for a digital content startup, and in my off-time, I’m a sarcastic socialite doing my best to keep it together. Like your Irish alcoholic grandfather, I tell great stories and have a knack for giving advice. In my twenty-some-odd years on this earth, I’ve learned that confidence is the greatest possession any person can have, and I’m faking it until I make it to being Ellen Degeneres’s protege.

I’m so glad you stumbled upon Practically! & hope you stick around & enjoy all it offers. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Endless Xs & Os



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